If you're a reader, bookseller or book blogger and have questions, requests, or just want to say hello, email me at chris@chrishowardbooks.com. I will write you back! You can also learn loads more about me and my writing by checking out the stops on my ROOTLESS BLOG TOUR.

For inquiries about school and library visits, send an email to authorvisit@scholastic.com. You can also see my Author Visit Kit, and check out this rad Study Guide. I have four ROOTLESS-inspired interactive presentations suitable for middle schoolers and high schoolers and I've worked with teenagers in a leadership setting for more than ten years.

“Chris Howard’s visit to our school was a major highlight of the fall term! He has a wonderful ability to connect with and inspire young people, and his discussion of the creative process offered true depth and practicality as well as sheer fun. His flexibility and marvelous instinct for working with groups showed as he effortlessly made the transition from high school to middle school audiences—and back again! We look forward to having Chris back for a longer school residency. It’s wonderful when a talented writer can bring such excitement and substance into the classroom. He’s a natural!” - Susan Lilley, Maher Chair in English, Trinity Preparatory School, Winter Park, Florida

Check out pictures of the "ROOTLESS Roadshow" in action. You can also listen to a podcast from one of my events.

For media inquiries, you should email tradepublicity@scholastic.com. And if you're interested in purchasing subsidiary rights to my work, let me know, and I'll forward your request to my literary agent, Laura Rennert at Andrea Brown, or to my film agent, Lucy Stille at Paradigm.

If you're in Denver, the wonderful folks at THE TATTERED COVER usually have signed copies of my books for sale! You can also contact me if you'd like to send me something to be signed and returned to you.