Thanks for coming by and checking out the site! I'll be adding to it as we go along, and hope you'll also connect with me on TWITTER and FACEBOOK. You can also follow my TUMBLR and join me on GOODREADS. But here's where I tell you a bit about me... First things first, my debut novel ROOTLESS came out at the end of 2012, and the follow-up, THE RIFT, came out on Arbor Day, spring 2014. The third (and final) book in the series should be out at the end of 2015. I set out to write a trilogy of books that would be fast-paced and action-packed, but also as beautiful and thought-provoking as I could make them. Sort of a cross between all the things I love, from Cormac McCarthy to Cowboy Bebop. Want to start reading ROOTLESS? You can order the first book RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. You can also read the first chapter online HERE.

So, back to me... I live with my wife in Denver, Colorado, but was born and raised in a small English town not far from London. My formative years were spent watching a lot of Star Wars and dreaming about a galaxy far, far away. I graduated to Indiana Jones when I was about ten and was dead-set on being an archaeologist, but then, when I was teenager, I discovered books and music, and those two things changed my life forever. I left England when I was nineteen, and since then I've traveled around a good bit of the globe; studied natural resources management at Colorado State University; worked for the National Park Service; led wilderness adventure trips for teenagers... I also wrote, recorded, and released three albums of swirly guitar music. I still travel and explore the great outdoors, and I still love to play music, but most of my time now is spent writing fiction and it's the thing I love to do more than anything else. My first book took me about three years to "finish", and is now collecting digital dust on a hard drive somewhere. It was a great learning experience! But the best thing I ever did was put that book aside and start a new one. ROOTLESS just poured out of me, and with the help of an awesome agent and a brilliant editor, it became a book of which I'm incredibly proud. A starred-review earning novel, ROOTLESS has been published in six different languages to date, and it also landed me on the cover of Publishers Weekly, when I was honored with the journal's Flying Start award in fall, 2012.

ROOTLESS swiftly became a bigger story than one book could handle, and THE RIFT (Book Two of ROOTLESS) is available NOW... it came out on Arbor Day, 2014! The story gets bigger, darker, and more wild. I describe the series as a "psychedelic, futuristic Lord of the Rings". At least, that's how I describe it to myself! I'm a huge music-lover, and often think of characters/scenes/moods in musical terms. For example, a chase-sequence might tap into Hendrix guitar solo, or a character's voice might sound like Woody Guthrie in my head. Or I might close my eyes and picture a landscape as a Four Tet track. Things like that. With that said, ROOTLESS reads like a debut album, and the second book has a different "sound", while keeping some things the same. I had a lot of fun with it. And now on to the final book in the trilogy, along with something different I've been working on!

I guess that's about all you need to know about me. But if you'd like to know more... I'm a vegetarian; my wife, Allison, is the most amazing person I ever met; my favorite novel is CITIES OF THE PLAIN by Cormac McCarthy and it makes me cry every time I read it; a brilliant book I read recently was THE BRIEF WONDROUS LIFE OF OSCAR WAO by Junot Diaz; I love going to the movies; I like staying up all night; and I'm a huge fan of run-on sentences.

If you have questions for me about anything at all, then head to the CONTACT page and get in touch. You can also read a bunch of interviews and things if you head HERE. I hope you check out the ROOTLESS trilogy, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I continue to enjoy writing it... speaking of which, back to work I go!